Removing  Periscope Followers From Your View.

A good periscope account attracts followers from different walks of life, culture and upbringing basing on the niche being broadcasted. All these people have been brought together because of their interest in the content associated with your account. What happens when one of your periscope followers comes up with opinions and allegations likely to cause friction with your other followers? It is time to get rid off such followers from your views as fast as possible to avert conflicts in other engagements that are proceeding. Some will be quick to judge that you are intolerant or not accommodative to other people’s views. This is not the case especially if one diverts from the topic to touch on sensitive matters like religion and race. If such happens, don’t waste time go looking for the profile but just block from the views section. This is made easy because every comment is accompanied with the user who posted it.

Proceed to tap on the name of the person you seem posting something inappropriate or offensive. A menu will appear and select “block user”. The person will be blocked and removed from the current video, and other periscope followers won’t see it again. Such blocked person is added automatically  to your blocked list. That is why you need to check your video comments now and then.