How Bloggers Are Benefiting From Snapchat Views

Probably you have come across people or articles on how to make money on social media. Questions of how pop up in everyone’s mind whenever you hear such information. Popularly know as bloggers, are among the people earning from such platforms. Most of them take particular niches ranging from fashion, politics, entertainment, activism or tourist attractions and center their followers around them. With a particular niche, you are likely to draw attention from a  section of your followers who love your orientation. On sites like snapchat, the massive number of followers is translated in the number of snapchat views a picture or video posted generates.  So how do you earn from mere views from your friends?

Bigger brands are looking for such persons to feature and move their products on the individual’s account rather than the company’s verified one. When involved in pushing a brand on snapchat, you no longer a blogger but a snapchat influencer. The businesses and institutions seeking to be advertised from such platform always want the creativity that comes with the account holder as it comes with a personal touch. The followers are more interested in a product if advertised from the account they follow rather than the companies original handle. Whatever is posted will receive many snapchat views despite the content.